How to choose a wedding dress? put out different groom the wind!

How to choose a wedding dress? the wedding day, the scenery of the beautiful bride and took countless, even groom a foil also was the star of the wedding, groom's clothing also showed the couple's taste, a fitted suit to tell men figure reflects, shirts, ties, watches, shoes. How to choose a wedding dress? the groom outfits selected, before the marriage if you don't know, you can now brush up your groom's clothing with skills.

How to choose a wedding dress? suit

suit color basic choices are: black, dark, white. Select suit Shi would like to remember: three buckle suit will Department Shang two road buttons, two buckle suit only Department top a buttons, single buckle leisure suit for shape partial fat of people, three buckle suit is keep with high school times elongated shape of men of by love, two buckle suit most popularity double row buckle suit can and round angle lapel or pointed angle lapel match, DB pointed led double row buckle suit is most official of dress, if shape short or partial fat, must to select single buckle suit.

How to choose a wedding dress? ' shirt

white shirts are essential, some brides choose white wedding dress, then would be too low-key, but you're still on the white shirt, whether you prefer a suit, dress shirt in white shirts sure are real. Shirt pocket should have dyed, should also have a crisp collar.

How to choose a wedding dress? ' shirt and cufflinks

simple is good, gold or silver can show quality, calm and elegant, you must bring the two.

How to choose a wedding dress? tie

pattern color to bright, give yourself more add to the festive atmosphere. Dark suit appropriate with a dark tie, light colored suit suitable with light colored tie, tie color suit with similar color or slightly deeper than the suit. However, red and Fuchsia (plain or patterned) wide, can be equipped with many colors of the suit. Or, the courage to try black tie, must be in the wedding day wear well in advance, because the day you must be busy as a bee, and your hand will shake all but impossible to clean out a lovely tie clasp. Fashionable men's wear hard color bow tie, if you are not such a person, is not risky, otherwise you look like a groom, but like a guest, suspenders, of course, absolutely necessary and to black grommets that are safe and reliable.

How to choose a wedding dress? waistcoat or cummerbund

both of which way to go, depending on your personal style, and if you don't belong to the fashion vanguard, is recommended with our favorite color-black. Remember: waistcoat, wide belts be sure to cover your suspenders.

How to choose a wedding dress? shoes

groom of shoes is most sloppy shall not of outfit, a double good shoes makes groom confidence, not superior of for of shoes will let groom of overall image big discount, even shoes will has "distracting" of suspected, that let it to unbridled, if shoes is with dress with rent to of, you associate set will regret, best can himself buy a double style simple of black tongue surface cattle shoes, put it wipe have shiny, bright to female bridesmaids are can with you of upper Dang makeup mirror.