How to choose the right wedding dress? 12 guests with warm words (top)

Newly married girls always want to become the focus of attention on your wedding day, how to choose the right wedding dress? on the wedding dress must be carefully weighed, this article lists common problems fitting the bride, maybe can help couples you Oh! how to choose the right wedding? 12 guests with warm words!

1. dress budget should include a variety of matching accessories

dress is an integral part of the wedding dress, dress now in terms of price and style than in the past, there have been big changes, even the same dresses, bridal shops and clothing stores are offering different prices, so be sure to decide wedding prices, to go looking for the matching dress.   And dress and matching accessories are also very important, little things like underwear, necklace, bracelet, the cost is staggering. Choice and dress them all the trimmings, from normal time to accumulate, which means that going to bag bargains, so that dressed up out of you is unique and otherwise cookie-cutter bride how boring it! your small jewelry does not represent good, fit is the most important, such as your spouse, for their loyalty for life.

2. the girl with long hair bride?

perhaps we've seen many fairy tale or movie or something, we always think that the bride should be long hair. Some people are not well suited to long hair, short hair also do not have a taste of the bride. But hair brides in shape before you do several experiments, so it's easy to find your style.

3. try, try wedding thought the more, the better?

every girl has heart of greed, trying wedding dress that, try the more the better, best of all, this will feel no regret. In fact, this is a big mistake. Because each tried a wedding dress, will have a different feel, sometimes too much, thinks this or that, instead of making their own confusion. Some even think more less, thus affecting the cheerful mood, especially in the style of wedding dress shop trying on, leaving you feeling could not be found. Before you is the best way to find a style and then try, try 2~3 on the line.

4. the instructions of married child bride how to choose a wedding dress?

instructions of child marriage is not a big deal anymore, the bride some particularities, but also have concerns, for his stomach and nerve-racking. In fact, this is not necessary, weinasi as early as you want, but you don't cover up tummy, wearing that tight wedding dress, this is very wrong, because it is bad for the baby, and not good for your body. Baby to bride whose beautiful taste is different, tailor-made wedding will provide you the right waist wedding dress and you modify the dimension and measure the wedding a week ago your body, in advance to help you solve this problem.

5. arm too rough people, wearing a wedding dress to do?

every woman will have their own short shakes, such as arm who is too rough, they easily beat the no-sleeve dress, in fact sometimes select the right dress styles, but let you arm look thick. According to the survey, called truly arm coarse person, 10% of the total number of marriages not only to most people, arms are not rough but sensual. Anything there is a way to avoid, if you really feel thick arms, then just style some effort. Skeleton man in the shoulder, you can choose American, sleeveless dress, which was exposed by his long arms, is a kind of beauty. If your shoulders are rounded, you can select Japanese or French bias gown.

6. do you must wear gloves when wearing a wedding dress?

This is not hard and fast rules, mostly because it makes people feel is more formal, and will make you very elegant. But after the wedding, you have to take off the gloves, I find a lot of Chinese brides, especially the gloves pouring wine for the guests and welcome guests, in fact, this is wrong.

7. chest is not full of people wearing a wedding dress?

Tall chest is the envy of all the girls, but not full of girls don't feel inferior, not to worry about strapless bras will fall down, because the wedding will stop part of the inside of the waist and abdomen is very tight, then hold up your less fullness in the chest, Wiener silk dress has a variety of small ways, to help you solve this problem.