How to choose the right wedding dress? 12 guests with warm words (part two)

Newly married girls always want to become the focus of attention on your wedding day, how to choose the right wedding dress? on the wedding dress must be carefully weighed, this article lists common problems fitting the bride, maybe can help couples you Oh! how to choose the right wedding? 12 guests with warm words!

8. wedding dress petticoat in problem

the experience, in my view, regardless of wedding dress size, petticoat is a must, but what kind of petticoat under a wedding dress material and style and your body to decide. Don't dress it with a heavy petticoat of heavy, this bride feel stupid. Even if small bride I recommend you can choose matching petticoat, I always felt the hem of the dress had a shaking feeling, will be full of movement, to fully manifest your body can take the rhythm.

9. puff sleeve dress will make a person feel childish?

don't puff sleeve dress, depending on your temperament. We've seen the puff sleeve with more kids, so you think that this is the patent belongs to the child. In fact, in a lot of movies, the lovely actress, much is puff sleeve dress wedding dress, very cute, women can be not beautiful, but it must be lovely. Small puff sleeve that is often used in the classical fashion, was particularly tasty.

10. pin fixed shoulder special taste

shawl is especially suitable for Oriental women, feminine beauty of Oriental women, special full show. Shawls are often unexpected, not accustomed to Cape girl, for the first time there will always be things like exposure, and so some girls with a shawl PIN be fixed down, but in fact this is very ugly way. The best way is to worry about what a shawl fall issue, sometimes nature's whereabouts do not have a charm. If the bride usually does not use a shawl, prior to this practice.

11. small and slim wedding dress

we always thought that slim wedding dress with a thin woman in a high profile, in fact, often because of the misunderstanding of common sense, should prevent us from being able to really enjoy the beauty of our own. Small and exquisite figure, body and round girls, wearing long wedding dress, its charm is very outstanding.

12. the bride must bring hair up?

bridal set up their long hair, which is in the minds of many girls think. But why do you want to put your hair up, and no one has a definitive answer. But the girl is a hair more beautiful, you don't have to follow the traditional habit. Must be according to the shape of your face, figure, wedding work together to use.