What kind of wedding dress to look good? 8 highlight the perfect wedding!

What kind of wedding gown look pretty? bridal gown on your wedding day is one of the highlights, and how to make your own wedding dress became one of the most special and memorable, xiaobian recommended today must know the wedding dress of the bride on the small details, go and have a look!

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "embroidery"

embroidery is our national expertise, so why don't we put it to our wedding dresses? what is Western, more memorable and exquisite wedding a lot of Oh!

small series of tips: If you want the focus of embroidery wedding dress, it is recommended that part of the embroidery will and wedding colour contrasts such as black embroidery on a white wedding dress, or the Red embroidery on a white wedding dress, is the crowning touch, if you do not want such a prominent, it is recommended that white dress with a white embroidered logos, also has a low profile in a unique sense.

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "lace"

woman always includes lace lace on the dress, so if you have a soft spot for lace, you can try large lace wedding dress, not only can you round the childhood Princess dreams, and more sexy.

small series of tips: select lace wedding dress, preferably whole white Dolly mix cream for the best color, looks noble and beautiful, as always choose other color best in light shade, style and simple atmosphere, otherwise it will look cheap.

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "bow"

seems to bow is many girls dream as a child, butterfly decoration, it seems we will never grow up, live in beautiful childhood, if you have dreams, than when the wedding dress trimmed with bows!

small series of weapon: bows wedding dresses to pick, not every bride is fit, tend to be more suitable for sweet and lovely, lively bride attempts.

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "flowers"

wedding dress with a flower pattern must be sought, and represents the romantic flowers will find romantic wedding site.

small series weapon: select flowers pattern of wedding must to note flowers of size, General to small flowers for best, as Shang figure in the this class style of both simple and let people photographic, and color best and overall wedding color consistent, if to select big flowers type of, General to two to three flower to dotted of form for best, more has will caused complex sense, color also to and wedding main tones consistent.

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "rhinestones sequins"

want to create a gorgeous wedding dress, rhinestones and sequins will be no less, even plain white wedding dress in rhinestones and sequins embellishment also seem at once magnificent and noble.

small series of tips: want elegance and luxury wedding dress must choose and overall match wedding or a close diamond Dolly mix sequin embellishment, so that you can vaguely revealed in a gorgeous and elegant feel, if contrast embroidered, but tacky.

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "backless wedding dress"

If your back curves with confidence, suggest dare try backless wedding dress, sexy and glamorous bride will shock the audience of guests.

small series of tips: Select this type of wedding the bride must make before the wedding hairdressing homework well, in addition to exquisite skin, any defect is taboo, so your back is not perfect bride never tried lightly.

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "fishtail dress"

as beautiful as a mermaid bride everyone wants to become, so choose a fishtail wedding dress styles are also very popular and unusual, but also highlights the graceful curve of the bride!

small series of tips: fish tail skirt very explicit figure, and has very high requirements to the bride, Xiao bian recommended tall brides can try, Petite bride it is best not to try would seem more short, and fat at the waist or the plump bride too much not to try, because upper body fits fishtail skirt, it will expose weaknesses.

what kind of wedding gown look pretty? "the short wedding dress"

who said wedding must wear styles? if you want to make a difference, try short wedding dress, to show your shape and show off your beautiful legs!

small series of tips: short wedding dress is perfect for Petite bride, can elongate the overall ratio, but also high demands on the curves of the legs, if not confident to the leg curves, it is recommended to wear long gown.