The wedding how to dress? I'll teach you

The wedding how to choose clothing, wedding photography, wedding played a crucial role, the wedding how to choose clothing, clothing selection is good or bad, directly related to the results, so that brides should be more careful in choosing their own shooting clothing. The wedding how to choose clothing, wedding photography in General is divided into Interior and exterior parts. Photo sets of clothing generally range from 3-5 a day, bride costume and to communicate as much as possible, carefully choosing their own shooting clothing, personally to try to know the wedding effect. Some clothes may look very ordinary, but upper-body effect is very great.

brides are willing to take 1~2 set of white yarn, simple elegant, luxurious style of the atmosphere are white are more likely to show, but also more formal solemn wedding. The wedding how to choose clothing, room selection if the Princess classic tube top dress, outdoor shooting, you can pick up a gorgeous large heavy-tailed. If you have already selected a fluffy yarn, then one can choose fish tail style, according to its own figures, combined with filmed scenes, as far as possible reflect the different styles, makes photographs taken more rich and varied.

excessive flashing dazzling decoration is now out of fashion, exquisite dark stripes embroidery, lace bows and hidden under the layers of white yarn highlights or patterns are preferred. More lasting long, are often simple and elegant models.

selection of dresses

dress choices, apart from the environment, also related to the bride's own build qualities. The wedding how to choose clothing, Petite bride can choose cute cute cocktail dress; thin brides can choose slim dresses, display exquisite curves and busty bride can choose fluffy skirt to the full, upper body busty bride could use some shawls and other decorations.


many wedding packages are all N+1 models, number n is Studio or studios to provide clothing, the "1" is the new their equipment clothing, in addition to wedding photography, took a photo of relaxed couples. The wedding how to choose clothing, bring their own clothes in General prepared by the couple themselves, most generally were lovers, couples shirts, t shirts, jeans are a good choice, is another kind of shooting style.

other clothing

the wedding how to choose clothing, in addition to formal wedding dresses, gowns, you can pick and choose some of the more stylish, personalized clothing, qipao, costume, and more, to create unique wedding photos.