How to pick a wedding dress? leftover married the perfect trick!

How to pick a wedding dress? see more young couples wedding, do you also fantasize about the perfect wedding, maybe we can't change the age, but we can change the temperament. Maybe we can't change the face, but we can change the taste. How to pick a wedding dress? who says the older woman has no right to become younger, as long as you are careful mix of youthful vitality.

How to pick a wedding dress? traditional fashion

growing older in his career, "lost dogs" are often accustomed to wear boring traditional wear, wedding dress choices focus on fashion design elements, must be able to get rid of "lost dog" image, so that all up.

How to pick a wedding dress? seriously cute

invincible in the workplace "lost dogs" used to cold business tone of voice and facial expressions, forgetting the charming beauty of the woman born than the veil as special treatment, such as a wedding hat, or back with large bow decorations like fairy wings, find playful feel.

How to pick a wedding dress? steady light

usually used to see big older women show steady, sober habits in front of people, but this is not true on your wedding day. We can use transparent tulle to create feeling of lightness, can create a sense of light and elegant girl.

How to pick a wedding dress? strong gentle

usually older "lost dogs" are mostly strong woman character, giving a strong and even aggressive image. Through the white shoulder strap, fold, flowers, and other small details, to soften a strong personality, turned into a gentle brides.

How to pick a wedding dress? personal tailoring

years old, with age seems to fit on the way down, but for their high standards and strict requirements, "lost dogs" would not be shape, so can try close-cut wedding dress, to show impressive figures show women temperament, so we also give consent.

How to pick a wedding dress? lace

lace is in fashion this year, and flowers easily make people think of my sweet little girl, decorated with flowers, also minus a few years of age. Lace you can increase the mellow temperament, change the "lost dogs" in people's eyes than the impression

How to pick a wedding dress? a refreshing blue

skirt blue flowers are white background, differs from a plain blue dress, this pattern more sense of design. Upper white and blue beads complement each other, and overall feel very coordinated, further enhance the image of light blue fresh and pleasant, "lost dogs" is no longer than older women.