Love? Marriage? What's the truth?

No man, not grew up in a woman's arms.

his manic, his cold, his restlessness, his childishness, erase is a woman.

who will win the day. Yiwujiangyiwu, marinated tofu.

when a man in marriage than when man first hand. Auriga is around this woman so great? Do not think so. Is this woman looks around the beauty of an Angel? The question. Compared to the powerful, rather than appearance, and more, is kindness and wisdom, tolerance and respect. What are said to be changed--that one is, is time, is the passage of time between raw emotion, is running in cardiac health and gratitude.

is the sentence that he quietly said: I'm not at the beginning, somehow good to a woman. From the met to accept, from running to change from smoke and fire to keep looking, you still walk the miles of road.

marriage facts

selected wife elected husband, but not to PSP, look immediately to carry home.

results fell not not not, finally felt that no fun to immediately change a, model out of another one.

fridge is that people living, rather than going for a long time, to choose the last decades not a bad one.

found at home to open the door is the Dim lighting, clean built-in, wife to no noise, her husband to be pollution-free. Outside of the gunpowder, and contradictory temperatures higher, the freeze freezing fresh freshness. Outsiders look slim, the people inside to feel tepid, all your family's food inside. Even two days in the cold doesn't matter, *** as long as you keep the refrigerator for ten years, he or she does not strike. --The test quality stuff, it really is time.