Marriage boom: Valentine's day marriage registration unlimited

February 14 as Western holidays with romance "Valentine's day" comes, in addition to flowers, chocolates, jewelry, food and beverage consumption outbreaks outside Beijing's marriage registries also ushered in the year of Dragon's first marriage in today's peak.

journalists arrive before 8 o'clock in the morning at the Civil Affairs Bureau in Haidian District marriage registry found that registry has not yet opened, hundreds of new people have filled the halls and corridors, lined up in two long team. Mostly 23-30 in the ranks of young lovers, journalists interview found that most couples have to work today is to deliberately leave to get a card.

row in 1th, of Jiang x b and girlfriend Jiang Li is first arrived marriage registration at of couples, "3 o'clock in the morning more on up has, 4 points around on to here, with has", Jiang x b told reporter, although has in online appointment, two people also is up has a early, is wants to in this special of days in early married, "early plans good, parents also agreed. This day memorable, would not be forgotten. "

8 o'clock in the morning, Bureau of Haidian District marriage registry office half an hour earlier than usual to open "new". After a few formalities, Jiang Li and Jiang x b becomes the first to license the couple. 2 love airness within 5 minutes, the couple told reporters, after check out a marriage certificate, to make rushed to the police station, to change the marital status bar on account of this "marriage". "Today's trip is quite high, there is no oath", Jiang Li said.

different from Jiang Li, another rookie Wang XI wanted to have a complete set of rituals. "In the future, in good times and bad, whether rich or poor, regardless of health or disease, whether young or old, we all stood, sharing weal and woe, through thick and thin, a lifelong partnership", and husband reading the oath, Wang Yong, XI looked out the filled with love in his eyes.

When asked about how ready the feast today, see XI curious eyes, Wang Yong insisted on retaining some mystery, "has been arranged, she just doesn't know it yet, now in secrecy."

according to the Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Haidian District marriage registry introduced CHEN Ru, Haidian District marriage certificate issuing ceremony today at newcomer prepared marriage vows, there are 7 versions of different styles, the couple is free to choose. XI version of choice among the new "chosen" top, short classics favored by the new text.

CHEN Ru remarked that "Valentine's day" marriage is usually have soaring today is expected to receive nearly 800 couples. In order to meet new "good" marriage requirements, staff does not rest at noon, unlimited hours, registration services do not limit, seek to ensure that both appointments and is successfully queued new license.

according to the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official, at present, Beijing's average daily marriages are 700-800 pairs, get married and make an appointment today has reached more than 2,100 more than the number of new, today marriage couples in Beijing is expected to reach around 4000, a dragon a small peak in marriage.

new Valentine's day "get together" the Licensing Act, most people agree and wish, some people do not fully understand the "time" marriages, "which day is married couples, why today," nearly 20 years after the marriage of Zheng Yongqing said.