Destination weddings tricycle wedding frugal wedding blow fresh wind

Citizen King's wedding in Wenzhou, only invited relatives and relatives, along with things, cannot take part in. The most special is that no pattern on wedding etiquette, new people to serve as master of ceremonies, Mr clean, lively, sincere, guest won unanimous praise. Wang family circle wide on both sides, the wedding could be so frugal, even relatives and friends are not invited to attend, also praised their liberal and open-minded.

     King's friend Mr Woo, went even further: without the wedding, destination weddings. "After you put forward the idea, under a lot of pressure to persuade people who wave after wave. But my wife and I are adamant, having a wedding hard and costly, is not for the hotel and etiquette ' wedding dress '? "After long negotiations, Mr Wu couple finally reached the final with his parents" reconciliation ": feast, a dinner for relatives; Gallery, in addition to eat drink, don't make any flower head. "I think that each couple, may all have had marriage as frugal as possible of the idea, but eventually for reasons of pride, ' public opinion ', taking into account, not implemented. But I think it is a fight, not for the wedding of wasting. "Mr Wu said.

     municipal people's political consultative conference Zhang Sheng, Deputy Director of literature and history, and also advocates for a frugal wedding. His son married, no wedding motorcade bride took a bus from home to Wenzhou, and together, the only two bridesmaids and groom, sat with Zhang Sheng and a friend drove the car to the hotel. Wedding master of ceremonies, also chaired by the bride's classmates, other rituals did not. Zhang Sheng, and said that he had served in the 9 units, but not only did he not ask a colleague to attend a wedding, even please the leadership.

     "in fact, Wenzhou wedding luxury wind wind, human, everybody is complaining. Very simple, you do 50-table wedding wine, not only was expensive, labor-intensive, and there are 500 people to, we are caught in the relationships, overly disturbing. "Zhang Sheng and said," therefore, sons wedding was over, I get is Yes, said I had a good start. ”

     Zhang Sheng, and say, glory be, he also led to some friends, some wedding jianban more thoroughly, "want more people abandon luxury, frugal, for Wenzhou to establish fresh air! ”