New rustic wedding bride and groom riding the sedan chair

"The car slightly on the bride! "As the master of ceremonies is heard yelling, dressed in ancient dress and groom in a hat under a red umbrella in one hand and pull the bride's hands and put her into festivity in the sedan. Then, turn over one of the horse and groom. Festive party the front, purple dress with four red lanterns way, followed by the name of yellow-clad teenagers. Along the way, the lively acoustic drums and sound come suona, a hot topic.

this personalized antique procession, it attracted the attention of many people. Recently married Ms, is delivered to the couple their blessing, "in this way, the flavor of a traditional wedding, with strong personality. ”

to the groom's House, dismounted and took the bride and groom pass Red satin, the bride holding out from the sedan, over the Brazier into the door. Then, the groom, the bride bride ceremony held in a Hall, bow down to their elders, to toast them for their Gratefulness.

wedding groom named Huang Xiaoyue, 23 years old, fell in love with satin bride Yao Yin after 3 years, finally tie the knot. He said: "our ancestors left behind something really good, very busy today, have a good time. ”

"he was the happiest thing in my life can be found, and hope that our future is bright. "Yao Yin satin coy said.