New helicopter experienced a wedding

On November 14, Lacey is very lively in the heliport, and more than 10 cars pulled into the airport, a couple of newcomers in the company of friends and relatives came to a stop next to a blue helicopter on the ground at the airport. "They have to hold the" wedding ". "Lacey heliport Li Xiaowei, head told reporters that the helicopter is from the United States of Michigan new Robinson  R44 helicopter.

"the helicopter  11.6 meters in length, place 2.1 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. Spent a total of more than 4 million Yuan to buy. "Li Xiaowei said the first ship helicopters from the United States shipped to Shanghai, and hired van from Shanghai back to Lacey. "13th trucks to ship the helicopter to Lacey. ”

million hire new wedding

"this is our first test flight, let the couple tasted fresh. "During the interview, heliport staff said that helicopter flights to carry out strict examination and approval, so they clear the flight days in advance the related procedures.

before takeoff, airport maintenance personnel on the helicopter were routine maintenance and other preparatory work. After end of repair work, the couple happily boarded the helicopter.

according to reports, the groom surnamed Wang, was a doctor, a bride surnamed Cui, a middle school teacher, this "wedding" is one of the two elders for them to send wedding gifts.

"two people just sitting on the plane was very nervous, particularly the bride, she continued to visit his seat belt. "During the interview, Li Xiaowei, told reporters that in order to appease his wife, groom holding her hand. Around 9:28, pilot started the aircraft, began their journey. According to Li Xiaowei said helicopters flew a total of an hour rent 10000 Yuan. After landing, arrived couple, friends are very excited, and took out the camera took a photo.

"really excited, this was both romantic and exciting wedding envy. Both of them fell in love two years airness. "A friend of the couple said," but think how lucky the helicopter sent to Qingdao, two of them lucky enough to ride again. ”

"this plane uses are manifold, can be used for a wedding, can also be used for air security, forest protection, flood prevention, emergency medical care and so on. "Li Xiaowei said," Shanghai is the first held in a helicopter, "a wedding" of the city. Wedding in Qingdao is in a helicopter for the first time, is also the first time in the province. ”

"this is a test flight. "Li Xiaowei said, at present, for this project, they are still planning further prepared before and after new year's day 2012 launch, and" a wedding "hourly fee of around 15000.