Best wedding invitations created by you

Invitation is to host a silent invitation, if you do good, people can let you get an invitation to the couple's sincerity and warmth of the festive atmosphere. If done well, that effect will be greatly reduced. Do not even feel new to the wedding guests, and the guests attention. 591 marriage network here and we can discuss how to make invitations.

   1, select the appropriate style

    If there is a unique design, of course, can the use of bold and gives a fresh feeling, but when you still can't think of the time, you can choose to print designs provided by the company, occurred while the opportunity not only low, but also saves time. As long as the Festival proper, can be used.

   2, invitations description

    cannot use any nickname nickname or name abbreviations. If it is the whole family, write Fu. Couples only please, write double f or couple. There's only one person, just write the full name. Relatives, also after the full name and title.

   3, to ensure sufficient time to

  wedding invitations by style selection, see draft pick should budget enough time, a month, even though changes will also have enough time due to post one month before the wedding, in the two months before the wedding to begin preparing the design.

   4, sending out notifications to friends and relatives after

    to do so, first you can know attendance, on the other hand can serve as a reminder of the role, can be described as two birds with one stone!

    sent out the invitations, guests can begin to look forward to coming to a wedding.