Meet locations, campus love

Campus grid control, walking on campus each,

is full of the taste of the youth,

because we all have a very strong sense of innocence and the flavor of love,

the flavor of love.

puppy love,

every surface is a splendid,

even if we cannot predict the future.

at least we're not losing a second,

this season. We should meet on the University campus.

talk about a youthful love, you are my lover,

because I love the grid control, we walk hand in hand in every path of campus,

even surrounded by strange look. Because they are jealous of grid control.


     our youth will be old.

we'll get married, I want you to be my bride.

I will love you forever, so I'm going to get married in 591 registered an account,

preparing for our future. Because life on the side,

you are my happiness. I would like to firmly seize you.

     on the street this season, or on the campus,

or work can be seen in the crowd of Plaid Shirt appears frequently,

it has both elements of pop, is one of the Joker's good,

this classic Plaid, simple, comfortable, slim figure,

is essential for the grid control section!

     married days, 10,000 years of love,

hold hands and never let love, just need your kiss.