Do to let people forget the bride

For the lovers, get married in the year of the Dragon is the best of the year. How to do at the wedding one of the most beautiful, dazzling the bride gorgeous, never forget, is every bride's dream. If you want to be the perfect bride, bride makeup needed is also an important aspect. Look at 591 marriage how to get your achievement of 2012 is the most beautiful bride.


      bridal hairstyles and   caramelized, not only to the United States, and it's just beautiful, to be the highlight of the whole. Choose the right hairstyle is key. Hair do not have to tie up high, this will make them look old to several   years old, can be used with a little harebrained makeup, wanted to take everyone present, especially elders felt, the bride's hair cannot be too explosive, if messy, it will become popular and sexy.

      normally, bride clothes that day to prepare for three sets, wedding dresses, Chinese qipao and Western-style clothes. First wedding, the bride wearing a white dress in the wedding between the two, the bride needs a Western-style dress, the bride   wore this Western-style wedding dress complete the second paragraph. Each used a different, but no matter what kind of occasions must be properly dressed. After the whole wedding ceremony, the bride to change for the third set of Chinese clothing, look in the   style to guests toasted until the wedding is over. Different ages, different women choose to dress different. Women can choose to design a minimalist wedding dress, came to prominence in this age group should have the elegance and temperament, hem lines straight or fishtail, are good to show charm. Can also have lace or feather decorations, add a sexy.

     bridal makeup varies only beautiful, every bride must know how to avoid weaknesses. Selection of bridal makeup under wedding and bridal dress temperament to decide, is the warm personality of modern art wind; can also be understated makeup sexy, nostalgic feelings; also can be a pure clean thin bright makeup. Before the bridal makeup, skin hydrating homework to do, or lime powder is like the wall, falling at any time may, what situations are likely to occur during the wedding process, note also that at any time on the face and passing away of the bride makeup remedy in case of coloring.

     Jewelry selected "China good" principle. Jewelry was the highlight of body decoration, bad match is likely to ruin the overall image of the bride. Wedding jewelry choose bright colors and festive colors,  -simple but not easy, to heighten the wedding atmosphere. The bride bracelets and necklaces must be uncomfortable, if the necklace is too gorgeous, thick, bracelet earrings must be relatively simple and low-key, the opposite is also true, in addition to exams   account with a diamond ring is the right mix, a few if they choose too Flash, too beautiful the whole people are likely to look rustic. Total, the bride as a whole seems to be harmonious.