How to face the bride's double chin is gone

End of mask, plus now stretching muscles, increases skin elasticity improved massaging movements, thin Chin is not far from you!

detox and drainage massages give you lower serum leptin

jaw caused by fat and flabby cellulite often associated with lack of exercise, wanted to appear pretty Chin and neck, may wish to try the detoxification effects of acupoints-massage.

    1: hand thumb and forefinger respectively clips mandibular excess fat, pinch every 1 cm from the Center to both sides.

2: when the pinch when it comes to ear, repeating knead 5 times, pulling the overall outline of the role.

3: then, hard teeth, thumbs rubbing his ears for 5 seconds can help jaw restoration firm.

4: hands index finger along the jawline to the middle ear.     

this massage can make it hard for normal movement of jaw full stimulation of fat, to achieve the convergence promotion role. Recommended once every 5 hours, a month later there will be surprises.

massage Detox is best used when yan, hands-on skills in the active, compact contour effects of aromatherapy essential oils, such as Peppermint, geranium, rose, lemon grass, can play the effect of tightening the jaw.

want to quickly get beautiful long neck curve, you can work in before going to bed, apply firming nourishing massage cream, stretch, and better results.