Several marriage proposal, to give her a surprise

1. peak

If your girlfriend is a sporty, you can, after a day of climbing, standing on the peak to peak to propose to her. Other possible methods include: when you jump in the air, diving in the deep sea, and so on.


2. the video table


making a proposed to her video could touch her heart, especially if you can watch this video with her.


she would have jumped for joy, soon to go to the honeymoon ... ...


3. air "threatened"


in a more public way is to use the opportunity to fly with you. You can request the Commander via radio communication system to communicate your proposal to girlfriend around. For example, you can ask the captain, said: "we are flying over the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, and nearly 40 minutes to reach their destination. By the way, Anna, Li Ke you asked if he was lucky enough to marry him. "In the glare, I believe you are only likely to be a" do "and, of course, also landed safely.


4. Highway


imagine she was driving on his way home, shoe ads on billboards in front suddenly became "Lulu, will you marry me? "It can certainly make your marriage proposal twice. Not only that, the passing cars will know that you have in mind, and wish you success. They will wish you Lulu don't get too excited and hit the sign.


5. screen for the media


you reluctantly agreed to go with her to see the latest Super romance movies. Just before the film begins, has played only one set of subtitles added: "Maya, will you be my wife? "You will not be carefully directed the film won an Academy Award, at least it will be romantic scene was recorded in the cinema" history ".


6. radio teaser


If you knew she would be at a fixed time every day to listen to a fixed broadcast, on-demand programming will be able to win her favor.


7. "evil **"


proposing to lover's ultimate should be in a ** ** bone in the process. If you are able to indulge her orgasm feeling married proposed requirements, it must be "attack are all broken, all g world war." One can show her body and spirit at the same time excite to men, how can she refuse, and how can we forget?


8. the love police


of course, do this difficult, it requires real "policeman" to cooperate. However, if while driving, was called by the police to the side, and then received a "proposed ticket", it is a very new feeling.


9. Moonlight Sonata


with your loved one to the beach, swimming pool, changing swimsuit you both can enjoy the interpretation of "Moonlight Sonata".


10. sea whisper


beautiful romantic sea creatures pass your vows of love is a way of most romantic beautiful surroundings, Moonlight by the sea when the spread, you can put the wedding ring in exquisite shells by local Aboriginal children had given her, she will be touched by the romantic feelings for you.


11. love lucky star


millions love her reason to write on the paper, fold into a lucky star, fill a glass bottle and give it to her. After finding all kinds of free reading with her in your written reasons for love, *** like inadvertently find out that your promises of love-wedding ring of stars, in front of her open, say what you want to say, her will think you're awesome!


12. happy birthday


proposed to her on her birthday is also a very good way. Another benefit of this is that she is very likely to notice you forgot her birthday present.


13. the electronic proposal


we live in the age of the Internet, so you must learn to use technology. So, why not give her a marriage with a big question mark email yet?


14. Valentine's Day surprise


since every Valentine's day is St Valentine's day cards, roses and chocolates, why not take the next Valentine's day gave her the greatest love--asked her to marry him? In this way, your girlfriend will not forget about this holiday life. Doing so the only downside is that the next Valentine's, it's hard to find comparable with the gift of a gift.


15. Stadium songs


Watch the game may not be the things she likes to do, but think about it, resting on the pitch 15 minutes – happy 15 minutes, with the big screen at the stadium, the stadium will see you kneeling in front of her. To tens of thousands of people at the same time to see your expression of love is not an easy task, bearing in mind also will be able to let her life.


If you only have, with expressive way colorful wedding ring, how to make bright

diamonds are tainted with your wisdom, that she never forget, you willingly by saying: "I do! "You can do