Zhenjiang city, Valentine's day, flowing romantic

for as long as I live, February 14   today is Valentine's day. These days, as the most indispensable Gifts--Valentine chocolate hot. Cold no match for hearts hot Kiss scene of Jinshan Lake in interpretation.

market   chocolate hot, no problem

known as the most love the taste of chocolate, is one of the most essential gift for Valentine. Valentine's day this year, however, the "sweetest gift" brings a little worrying, AQSIQ the problems exposed 234 batches of imported products, including 12 batches of excessive Yang chocolate being exposed copper. Yesterday in Zhenjiang city supermarkets shopping malls to make a visit and found no issues brand chocolate, other brands of imported chocolates are not subject to any influence, still hot.

container has no special purchases for the most obvious location for shadow, replaced by stacks of beautifully wrapped chocolate ... ... Supermarkets food counters where it was yesterday to meet similar scene. Reporters saw a variety of imported chocolate, the brand comes from Italy and the United States, and Switzerland, and Belgium and other countries, has become a main force in chocolate. The detected excessive copper, produced in Germany Rausch 75% 80% cocoa dark chocolate, Austria imported 4 Enzo Bearzot chocolate, as well as from Italy imported thought strange thick black chocolate, many imported chocolate, was not found.

"best selling in addition to domestic Dove, is Italy's Ferrero and the United States well. As for the ' blacklist ' problems in the chocolate, never seen before. "Promoters of a large supermarket on the downtown Zhongshan East Road, Helen said.

"identify the problem, we must be serious investigations. "City industry and Commerce Department officials said. AQSIQ announced exposure of products, the official said, relevant material has been included in the product's brand, but there were no details of that specific product batches. "Because food production is based on the batch to check, by sampling problems in some batches, but that does not mean the brand's product has a problem. ”

"moderate eating dark chocolate, has some benefits to the human body. "Nutrition Association said Wang Meisong, main constituent raw cocoa beans as chocolate is one of the copper rich foods, when it into cocoa powder, copper content is not reduced. Copper is an essential element, but if the excessive eating of the membership to liver, kidney and nervous system causing some damage. (King Park)

warm   silver more   send flowers free hugs

still in the first month of Jinshan Lake, bursts of wind seems to have amorous intentions. Yesterday afternoon, the 10 old couple or a handle, or carry each other, holding flowers caught up in a visit to gloden Hill Lake, cold weather cannot resist their fiery emotions-they are ahead of Valentine's day.

they are representative of a group of enthusiastic community members, who are members of your family, dear couples, most of them to life, to help each other through life. In order to give the 10 West to the old "Valentine's day", Ying Jiang Road, Jinshan Street Centre staff have worked in the community opened, specially prepared 10 bouquets of flowers and other small gifts, organization of elders in Jinshan Lake Lady garden of love to a romantic Valentine's day "dating". "The old couple, and young, as are sections back to the ocean, is sending flowers and gifts, felt when suddenly have a first love. "Wu Shuxian took his wife of 81 years old this year Sun Zhengzhang after handing the flowers in his hand, quietly told reporters that his granddaughter was 14 years old, and" Diamond Jubilee "his wife have been married for 61 years," can hand life, fate is our blessing last year, the children gave us a ' Diamond Jubilee ' celebration dinner! "Grandma Wu took out his mobile phone, mobile phone desktop photo is the photo of himself and his wife when he was young," allow their kids to remake the existing mobile phone, after all, we were young! ”

"light flowers, also like to hugs! "The number of tourists of Jinshan Lake, see old people holding flowers, will join in the fun and shouted, in the blessed sound of all, 10 pair old man give his wife a big, warm hug. 10 for the old man, the youngest is now 60 years old, Zhu Changgen and 59 year old Wang Xuelin, "we had been married for 38 years, but has never had any Valentine's day! "Wang Xuelin I am sorry to say. (Xinhua   Hu Bingxin)

weather   or sleet and cold romance

Washington,   days of rainy weather, to make people feel a lot of inconvenience. Yesterday afternoon, Xinhua learned from the municipal Meteorological Department, the city's 16th to be dominated by snow and rain. Today is Valentine's day, or sleet may give couples bring a bit of romance in the chill.

according to meteorological experts, entered since mid-February, the city has been at the stage of rainy weather, under the 10th first snow of the year of the Dragon, total rainfall distribution is more uniform, the city is about 11 mm, good for agricultural production. 13th min 3.7 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature was only 4.9 c, the highest low temperature lead to people feeling very cold, when there is fog in the morning.

according to the latest analysis of meteorological data, 16th the city was dominated by rain and snow, concrete prediction: 14th overcast with light to moderate rain or sleet, 15th North has a strong cold air South, 5-7 northerly winds and temperatures will be significantly decreased, and with rain or sleet to snow. The cold air South and is expected to be minimum temperatures in this 2-day live again 3 c to 4 c drop below 0 ℃. 17 and 18th lowest temperature from-3 to-5, notice antifreeze to keep warm. (Town gas   Hu Bingxin)

"fight" we love

"fight" we love   yesterday, runzhou district, Golden Hill Street Pacific Mountain community more than more than 10 couples gathered in Sierra Leone, telling their love story in photos, using sticks to spell out "love", to express love. Wen Wen   Shi Yucheng   photography     old couple relive   romantic love;

yesterday, a special "love forever, work life," Valentine's day events were held in Beijing and Xian Shan Zhuang communities from jingkou district is East Street, Beijing and Xian Shan community, jingkou road community, Heng Mei Jia Yuan community 20 age around 40 years old couple relive past romantic love, love hugs. Wang Cheng   Liu Shasha   photography  

we always be together

yesterday, Yun Yang Zhen Simon Street community organization, Danyang area young couples "we are together forever" theme activities, by letting couples draw love, write a declaration of love, love songs and other activities, expressing their kind to love and cherish the love heart. JI chenyu   Wang Yuefang   photography