Teach you how to bridesmaids, total solution

1, and brides all clothes wardrobe for jewellery in mind longer looking, wedding rings, glasses of wine, a marriage certificate, will host just prior to this time, hurry to step down.

2, the need to help the bride makeup, sometimes brides forget some things, such as card issuers, some of the complementary color of lipstick or something, need help see the change of jewelry, marriage, rings or something, and dresses.

3, after the wedding on location help to change clothes, pose, lift skirt ~ ~

4, bride, MC communicate, understand the whole wedding process

5, dress, makeup, heels will not be too high, otherwise the toast can be too much

6, follow primarily around the bride, help the bride get to take things away red envelopes, keep the bride's belongings, sugar toast end, handed a cigarette.

in a Word, dedicated to bride services

specific matters

1, when the wedding: bridesmaid to try a full groom, don't easily let him marry the bride.

2, when welcome: bridesmaid's task is to get new people and focus on new grooming

3, the feast: when someone has a problem, and slightly embarrassed bride, Maid of honor to stand up, put my ass next to the bride is not shy.

4, sometimes bridesmaids will be a special duty to keep red envelopes, please prepare exquisite but big enough for handbags, remembered in a ceremony before the start to the new Treasurer of the specified or new parents, asking them to take care of.

5, reminded the newcomers don't forget to ring, or keep it for the new ring and ensure that specified to the side of the stage before the ceremony be kept. Difficult tricks the groom red envelopes to open, questions open the door, truth or express to open the door. Do not open the door:)

1, let him speak five languages, "I'm in love with you", the comedy!

2, asked him to sing a love song ... like the Moon represents my heart

3, knocked at the door let him plug a red envelope. Red envelope – to be called the "packages" only, dry flat two or three is under weight

4, with ten different pet name of bride

5, put him in the door, asked her what she is going to marry is called, birthday what day it is? Like what color is it? Like what to eat? Wear big shoes!

6, let the groom back men to do 8 of 8

take pride in your loving wife, ashamed of the ** Playboy;

take pride in your service, ashamed of the lick;

with wit and humor as Sakae, ashamed of the ignorance dull;

proud to be industrious housework, gluttonous shame;

proud to be considerate, ashamed of himself;

proud to be confessed, and ashamed of the palmed;

take pride in truth be told, ashamed to go against life;

take pride in your efforts to make money, ashamed of the per se.

7, he imitated the Zhao benshan!!! Does not like getting married!

8, who are you doing?   ?    who is your wife home after?    who work?    listening to anybody?

later changed my money to who did?      maid red?      red big?

anyway, how can you make the bride happy how to. not so easily picked the girl in our House. more difficult embarrass the groom finally open the door, let the groom looking for shoes (you previously hid the shoes well) can't walk can't wear shoes ~!