Marriage divorce

Yesterday was Valentine's, the city's marriage registration office early lining up in long queues. News from municipal marriage and adoption registration Management Center, the city's total of 5031 couples on this day the knot, there are 409 couples waved goodbye.

data show that this year, Valentine's day, weddings become more rational, no longer aim for special days, compared with the same day last year 7077 on their marriage is reduced by more than 2000. Couples who break up than 842 to less than half of last year. Staff said, "good good", "the most memorable breakups", "wish you well", is the divorced couples most often say to each other.

Chongqing evening news reporter   Chen   Liu Louyao

dropping out of the bride wedding gift

the groom sent her to school

admitted to the high school but dropped out, she wanted to read. Valentine's this year, she became a coal miner's bride. Yesterday at the wedding ceremony, Liu Yu Zhouqin commitment to the bride and groom: married to send her to school.

yesterday morning, Roshan, qijiang district. Liu Yu Zhouqin and held before the wedding in their small building.

"after the wedding, I'm going to send you to school. "Liu Yu Zhouqin hands commitment. Yu Zhouqin didn't slow to God, in her view, is serving her husband after marriage, and to home yinanbannv LAU, she never thought about marriage and read a book.

that this is not a joke, Yu Zhouqin threw Liu's arms sobbing, said: "this is my best Valentine's day gift. ”

Yu Zhouqin has 4 siblings, her second child. His father was a miner, lumbar spine injury after losing the ability to work, MOM and family lived on agriculture for life.

in 2009, Yu Zhouqin went to high school, but had to drop out to work to earn money, help mothers to support their families. People read too much can do anything, she just thought it was a lifetime of regret. Yu Zhouqin thoughts, Liu was deeply in his mind.

Liu decided to, starting from September this year, took part from 1600 Yuan a month in wages, sending Yu Zhouqin songzao Chongqing energy technical school for studies.

Chongqing evening news chief correspondent   Peng Yu   correspondent   June   photography

romantic boyfriend she was inundated with happiness

Flash to marry him on the square

yesterday 2:14 P.M., jiaochangkou ASE's central square, yuzhong district, Chongqing "romantic man" in a group of young people, together with the proposed staged a Flash.

2:14 P.M., Liu Jie moment girlfriend pull to the center of the square was inundated with happiness. The music of the I will always love you, in front of friends suddenly jump up dance, and two friends do not know from which came, followed by 3, 4, and more than 50 more familiar faces gathered in front, jumped in rhythm.

after 1 minute, her boyfriend Guo Wen譞 wore Elvis costumes, sang "I will always love you" while dancing to the beat appears in the middle of team.

end of the dance, all arranged in one column at once, Guo Wen譞 quickly exiting the stage, holding the rose and the ring slowly walked in front of Liu Jie. "Will you marry me! "He got down on one knee to say these words. The Chongqing evening news   Liu Louyao   Ran Wen   photography

two people break up love and tears

he handcuffed divorce

yesterday morning, divorced in Jiangbei District marriage registry office, two police officers at the door. Indoors, a couple tearfully hugging each other. Open your hand, men's wrist was the bed of the handcuffs.

the man, 30 years old, wearing a black jacket, wearing black-framed glasses, the current criminal detention in the North to rehab. Yesterday, he obtained permission to divorce.

and his embrace of the woman wearing a beige woolen cloth coat, pretty weak, looked Haggard. Corner, sat a boy with a black man, was the girl's father.

"wife, I wrote a letter to you. But you don't see here, go home again. "The man with his head down, from his pocket and pulled out a folded the letter, eye redness. Women's tears and biting his lips took the letter, nodded silently.

"we were married for only a year, well, oral fight ever fought. "The man said, his surname, Deng, was arrested early this month, was sentenced to two years. His wife Xiao Chen's home after learning of the news, no longer agreed with Chen and his, "I also know I can't slow her down, but it didn't think happened so fast. "Buried his head and sighs.

"last night, I wrote a full page, said most were sorry, I owe her. "Deng said that Chen liked flowers, on the balcony and had a lot of flowers, Chen watering the flowers at a time in prison, became his most precious memories. "I'm still in love with her and want to take care of her for life, but the family has advised me not to waste her time, and in order to her happy, I want to just let go. "Deng a twinkle in the eye of the tears," if I came out two years later she's still not married, I have to find her. ”

before leaving, rushed to the front of Chen Deng, as if exhausted by her, two forehead against his forehead, hard. Finally, Deng Chen deeply kissed on the right side of his face. Chen tears fall down, said in a choked voice: "are you in there to take. "Deng Mouqiang refrained from looking back:" are you looking for a good man to marry. ”

accompanied by police on Wednesday, Deng's mother, to the North of rehab to submit applications for approval for Deng out of divorce. Valentine's day morning, they particularly Deng in a divorce. "The two people there love, watching people tear. "The Chongqing evening news reporter   Chen   Liu Louyao

in order to meet his girlfriend

highway on foot

yesterday morning, the field man Wang Yinglong () to Chongqing by train to see his girlfriend, but was stolen at the train station and penniless. He wanted to see his girlfriend from nanchuan girlfriend yuxiang highway on foot.

BA Group informed law enforcement officials, speed enforcement, mineral water and biscuits to give him food, he bought a bus ticket, nanchuan and sent him to his girlfriend on Valentine's.

the Chongqing evening news   Ran Wen   Fan Yongsong

in love for six years

finally just as blinded

9:30 A.M. yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporters came to the marriage registry, yuzhong district, indoor and outdoor holding have already been building.

it is understood that marriage registry to work half an hour earlier, the couple has also been ranked more than more than 80. Just received certificates of Zhou Yu, Tian Qi face brimming with happiness. Zhou Yu said yesterday, in addition to being Valentine's day, also has a special significance.

6 years ago, Zhou Yu and Qi, freshman Tim, but not in a system. New year is coming, the two engage in recreational activities, added qi is exactly what Zhou Yu's partner, both at the first sight. On February 14 of that year, they became lovers.

Chongqing evening news reporter   Chen   Liu Louyao

widows and the elderly

also talk about romance

yesterday afternoon, Jiangbei District marriage registry, Yuan Daiyong and 48 of the 59-year old Jiang Huaiying walked arm in arm to pull permits, "we are older single men and women and widows and the elderly, about 9 years of romance, Valentine decided to get married this year! ”

Yuan Daiyong security in 2003, Jiang Huaiying with company colleagues at first sight. "She came on the first day, I went to talk to her, and talked all afternoon, parked a mobile. "Yuan Daiyong Liberal, Jiang Huaiying-lucky personality," like we have known each other for a long time, that night I boldly asked her to go to the Guanyin bridge fountain. ”

"we have the mentality of young people, are very optimistic, does not love to be at home, so I didn't get a card. "Jiang Huaiying said, although it is not a marriage, but 9 years together, had let two people deep in my heart found each other. This license, is a memorial to the 9-year courtship.

after licensing, they will go to Xinjiang for their honeymoon, enjoy this belated romantic.