Classic summer wedding

Classic summer wedding 

Sunny day in August, is the new best time for wedding photos, which can give a great wedding photography studio busy, for newcomers, although the present Korean wedding, personalized wedding styles, but always has a dash of hope for the traditional classical wedding, leaving splendid memories of a lifetime!

hot sun is a summer theme. In the Sun's radiation, human sweat, animals are panting, between heaven and Earth as if invisible sauna steam room hot and irresistible. Hot, hot, hot! hot clothed, with bare arms, topless hot, shakes a fan blowing air conditioner or hot, the heat was sweltering, blow out the heat.

hot, dreary, suffocation, when those annoying feeling reached its limits when big chunks of the clouds come over, blinding flashes of lightning across the sky, is earth-shattering bursts of Thunder that followed, then storms, fast. Static if the trees of Virgin hair, crazy shake; dry land rain splash, water flows into the river; and high temperatures down, people are cool and comfortable, relaxed and happy.

rain winds, Sunrise clouds, a beautiful Rainbow high West. At first sight that yin fine at first glance, this situation, make high spirits, one soul.