Wedding trip in Sanya romantic moments to share with

Wedding trip in Sanya romantic moments to share with 

Sanya is a good place to live, especially November, December, Sanya, wedding weather, not cold. In the Sun on the beach, feel-good drops

I wanted to go to Sanya, but there has been no time, now married again the middle of next year, and would like to take this opportunity to shoot the wedding of course local elections where Luo! can travel and take pictures, it's two birds with one stone. Also discuss with her husband in the film, when I told her husband agreed to two people each took a piece of paper to write on their sites, and then slowly ... The result, we open the paper and see is the same place, that's right, Sanya!! Crooked I, excitement throughout the day. The class rushed straight home to find wedding Studio. Studios do the why? because the last time my friend got married, Studio shot, shoot it out doesn't work well, because studios are also go other places, "processing", rather than directly to the Studio, one-stop, and promotions.

I'm with my husband for a long time on the Internet, compared to several studios, seen lots of wedding websites and found them pretty good, after a few days of online consultation, finalize this really awesome, Oh

after two months of waiting, I finally have my wedding trip in Sanya.

I rustle of skirts and her husband thought.